Pastor John C. Jones II and Lady Mindy Jones

I was a visitor the first time I attended Southwood Baptist. A friend of mine was helping with pulpit supply while the church was looking for a pastor. While I came to hear and support my brother in Christ as he brought the message, I was astonished at how friendly and welcoming the church was to my wife and me. This church embodied their slogan, “The End of Your Search for a Friendly Church.

I did not realize at the time that I would be their pastor; however, I remember saying to my wife in the car, “If felt like we were home” to which she readily agreed. Before I even took the position of Senior Pastor of the Church, I was made to feel a part of the family of God. In Philippians 2:3-5 we read, “Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. Have this attitude in yourselves which was also in Christ Jesus.” This is the how the Spirit of God is shown through this congregation.

Should you desire to be a part of the Family of God which is reaching out to Beech Grove and the surrounding communities then be sure to check us out at Southwood Baptist Church. There are three ways to become a member of the Church. First, by baptism upon a profession of faith in Jesus in accordance with Romans 10:9 which states, “if you confess with your mouth Jesus as Lord and believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.” Second, by letter of transfer from another Baptist church of like faith and order stating you are a member in good standing. Third, by statement of faith where you state you have been a member of a Baptist church of like faith and order having been baptized by immersion but from a church where no letter of recommendation can be obtained.

In the Medieval Times, a knight would swear allegiance to a king, allowing the king to guide the knight where the king needs him the most. I recognize my life is God’s to command and I will serve Him wherever He sends me. I remember sitting in Sunday School at the age of seven. The teacher was discussing Jesus and His love for me and that day I realized my need for the Savior, and accepted Jesus as my God, Savior, and King. I felt the call of God into the ministry at the age of sixteen but ran from the call feeling I was too young. My service in the Army during times of danger brought me back to a closer relationship with God and I could hear God’s still small voice drawing me closer to God and beckoning me to preach His Word. I surrendered to the Ministry in December of 1993.

I left the Military and sought to follow God’s will for my life, and He began using me in exciting ways. When I left the military, I volunteered in a youth pastor position, supplied services for various churches, led a revival, and preached at associational events. I served the Lord on three volunteer mission teams, one in Russia on a Medical/Evangelism Mission Team, another to the Navaho Indian Reservation in Arizona, and led a VBS/Evangelism team to Middletown, OH to help with a Church Plant. I was the Senior Pastor of Fairview Baptist Church for 12 years experiencing the loss of faithful believers, the joys of new life and new beginnings in marriage. I have had the privilege of seeing born again believers baptized every year in the Lord’s service and have continued to lead individuals to saving faith in Jesus every year. While in Richmond Indiana, I served the Richmond Police Department as a Law Enforcement Chaplain for 10 years. I ministered to the police officers and their families, performed death notifications, and performed public prayers before important events. I felt God leading me to move to the west side of Indianapolis Indiana.

While in transition I became the interim Pastor of New Faith Community Church during a difficult time in their church life and worked with the leadership to aid in the church’s future. Next, I worked in a volunteer role with Hope Community Church in Brownsburg, Indiana providing biblical counseling, along with my wife, to couples and individuals leading them first to saving faith in Jesus Christ, and then assisting them in discipleship to become more like Him. Then I assisted in the teaching ministry at City View Church in Avon, Indiana, leading a group of believers into a deeper understanding of the Word of God. I have recently volunteered alongside a church planter at One Hope Gospel Fellowship in Fishers, Indiana, as an Associate Pastor. Concurrently, I volunteered as a Chaplain, with MES which is an emergency services group consisting of Law Enforcement, Emergency Medical, and Public Safety.

Most of my ministry I have been Bi-Vocational; however, God has called me to complete my education and Pastor in a full-time capacity at Southwood Baptist Church. I long to see individuals fall in love with Jesus and live a life which brings Him all the glory. I continue to work with the membership of the Church to restore the people of God to Himself and proclaim freedom to the captives.